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About us

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My name is Darren Rawlings I am 26. I am the man behind Wheeltech which I started in 2009 as an extension of Quest Adventure a bike shop in Worthing West Sussex. I have been working there since 2006 as Workshop manager driving the workshop to a high level service.  For the last 10 years I have been building wheels.

In 2003 I was lucky enough to earn myself a place on the Great Britain Bike Trial team where I spent many weekends traveling the world riding at a top level.  When I was traveling I worked with many sponsors testing products and helping them with their designs.  Naturally I spent a lot of time truing too many bent wheels. When I got back from the World Championships it was time to get back to work. I said to my boss at the time that it was time for me to build my wheels to a higher standard. I was working for a man called Jack Halford, an old git who is quite simply the best bike mechanic that I know.  He was an ex road race mechanic and engineer and I spent many days working with him building wheels for just about anyone, from down hill racers to wheel chair racers. I then spent the next 4 years training with ATG covering the level 3 Cytech wheel building program and other maintenance courses.

I am still a bike mechanic and enjoy every aspect of the trade but wheel building is my passion.  For me wheel building is an art and something that I really enjoy doing. Its time for me to share my passion, knowledge and experience with you to keep you rolling. Many thanks Wheeltech

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